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Hi there well the Paed managed to point my point across and better he was behind me all the way,we have made another appointment for the review of her statement and i will make sure it is reviewd ,we delayed the Meds as her absence fits were in need of taking care of first so she is now on Epilim which may have a positive effect on her moods too he wants to see how that goes before anything else is given , all there at the meeting confirmed that LEAs are no longer funding out of area placements and all special schools have to get with it and cater for all special needs , My daughters Paed had a go at the head not in front of me said he couldnt have a go at the boss in front of parents , and told him what i was telling them was basic info and they should have all that in place for her now and should have had for a long time !! i was pleased about that ,Sunfield looks great but it is mainly Boarding and i didnt want to go down that avenue yet but they do an outreach programme and that intrests me too and i am going to bring it up in the next meeting as i said which will be a statement review ,i also learnt that her local secondary special school has a new low sensory autism area which will be futher improved by a whole new building ,i dont think i helped much at the meeting but how i deal with my daughter at home would be largely different to how they treat her at school because this is her safe zone i can probably get away with more here ,i mean her class teacher thinks she doesnt like red but ive never noticed a dislike to any color ?? but anyway more staff training is being orderd as my daughters Paed said there will be more children like my daughter better get prepared now ,so it went okay but it seems my daughter is the guinea pig for later pupils ,so i am happier but not totaly happy ,oh and they have also got her a TA 1-1 but her class teacher doesnt appear to be happy with her and there going to try a new one and keep trying till she bonds with someone okay ill leave it there for now ,thankyou for both your help no doubt ill be back for more [:D]