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Hello boom,

Doors off hinges,holes in walls,things being thrown around by any chance?

The biggest issue is getting the reason for the behaviour out of your child,this is probably the hardest part of all and of course the reason why they react like this.

My son and many of his peers are the same,they find it so hard to articulate their problems which leads to anger and frustration and often vilolence, they are trying to get rid of feelings they do not understand and cannot control.

Finding out what is causing the “overload” is the most important thing as you can then usually help to remove or at least lessen the problem.

I have always found that it is best to allow them to “vent” and then calm down before trying to talk otherwise you just end up adding to the overload they are already experiencing.
The other thing here is your son is probably having a hard time understanding all the new “feelings ” coursing through his system as he is at that wonderful age where puberty wreaks havoc.

Does he take any medication, is there any councelling being provided at school or from the Local Health Service?

The NAS has a local support groups ,meeting other parents in a similar situation may well be a good idea as you will often pick up on strategies that others have used with their family.



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