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Hi Again
We have now started our son on the Handle programme, and it is amazing. It has confirmed our thoughts that his issues are due to hypersensitive nervous system. He has been given exercises, which we do as a form of play daily, and we get a lot of support too. He is already showing marked improvements, and our own awareness of too much noise, environments that are not suitable for him (too many people), dietary changes, and generally being very mindful of the world from his perspective have all made a difference to him. He makes more eye contact, is less repetitive, calmer, and we have only just started. I want to shout from the rooftops to you all to find out more about it, to become aware of the signals these children try to give us, trying to cope in a noisy busy world, that we don’t sometimes even notice. Diet & quiet routines, wonderful for frazzled mums too. I wish this was all mainstream, and reachable for us all. I will keep you updated as to how we get on.
with love