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sounds like your son may have a form of autism.Ist good your reading into autism. I my self have a 8 year old son who is yet to be stamented.He has been assessed via his school with speech & therapy,psychologist ect..He has now been discharged from speach& therapy as his speech is fine now.He was delayed in talking till he was 4.I think because autism comes in so many diffrent levels and is difficult. Its a harder condition to understand and assessing is to see and statement that level of autism with what ever name.Mine too finds play time hard and i get fedup with teachers going on about him not behaving to day.Th ey are very understanding but hes hard work for them.It will work out for you im shore in the mean time talk to son have him open up on how he feels about things.Hes not odd hes coping with the world around him.He still hurts like anyone and needs to learn to cope and go along with things even though he cant get it.raining cats & dogs is stupid for them as it makes no sence and is pointless to say that.

k smith