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Hi Nick,

As I mentioned we get similar issues with our son. He can also wake into violence. This violence was primarily directed at me and his little sister but is now predominently self injuring. We have also attempted EEG’s with no success and really cannot see any way of getting an accurate picture, either privately or NHS. We were told a ‘sleeping’ EEG was pretty near useless as you would only end up with a ‘possible’ answer as the accuracy is so questionable.
We had a brain scan done at the Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, again under sedation, which basically made the results ‘null and void’.
We would love a more ‘complete’ picture but the stress and upset involved in gaining inconclusive results has meant we have given up pursueing this option.
No help, I know, but we’d also love to know if anyone has any ‘techniques’ for obtaining a useful EEG.