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Hi Dragontamer
My son is 30 years old and when he was a baby he would only drink milk, it got so bad I was changing him and his cot sheets all night, he got through so many bottles. Then it was only rich tea biscuits.
If offered anything he would throw the plate, cup etc. He has never eaten a `normal` dinner, he won`t eat out even and even in a McDonald`s takeaway refuses to eat if someone else is eating in the car park.At any one time he will only eat approx 5 foods, they hardly vary and have to look right or he won`t even try them.
One example is he`ll find a pizza he likes and will eat in whever he can, but if they just hapened to have caught it with a tiny piece of ham or onion he wouldn`t eat it. Although he`s grown to 6`3″ he is very slim and can go for days without eating, on the days he does eat it is only in the evenings. He doesn`t appear to get hungry but he drinks milky tea and coffee constantly.