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Not sure if you’re still monitoring this topic as I see it was posted several weeks ago, but I’m new to the forum and so haven’t been able to reply before. I’m aged 46 with AS, diagnosed about 6 years ago.
I think it’s difficult to generalise about the problems facing older people with AS, because differences in our backgrounds cause us to stress for different reasons. However I rely heavily on an informal support network of family and friends. I strongly advise anyone with AS to get involved with a local church as the best means to find support, since there is little provision by social services. Unless you’re one of the lucky few AS people who are able to marry, aim to save as much as you can while you’ve still got parental support, because you may find – as I have – that your earning capacity is diminished once you’re left on your own. I’m hoping to start freelance working from home, because I need to be able to set my own hours, but a confidence crisis is hindering me from getting started.
I’m happy to talk further if anyone has questions.