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Originally posted by kitty
I was wondering if anyone had a son or daughter with asthma and a diagnosis of ASD?? A lot of the students I work with have eczema, but I don't know of any who have asthma...........when I was a wee nipper myself at school, it seemed quite common for people to have eczema AND asthma together, but in the ASD students I know, it only seems to be eczema. hay fever seems quite prevelent though.

Hi Kitty
My son is (as yet not professionally diagnosed)ASD, and always becomes asthmatic when he has a cold, though not at other times. He also has occasional eczema, it comes and goes. We have had brilliant results with homeopathy, and I am checking links with allergy to wheat products. He is much better since reducing wheat, but we haven't eliminated it altogether yet, as he has such a limited diet. In Chinese medicine the lungs and skin are very much linked too, which is why it often comes as a pair!
Warm wishes