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hi there [:)]

i am autistic, have grown up and through many challanges my autism has brought me.
obvioulsy i do not know your son, but i can speak generally. autism makes intimacy and being with people hard. in some autistics, it can be or become extremely painful and even threatening. there are many issues we could look at, but i will pick just two.

if your son is finding everything and everyone ‘painful’, he may do two things – close down/run away, or ‘hit back’. hurting someone with words is a classic way to get them to move away to avoid the interaction or the ‘intimacy of family life’. his fixation with gore or death may be a curiosity that you find replusive, but may also serve his purpose of making you ‘move away’ from him. this mode of being obvoxious may be his only means of pushing you all away as much as he can. this doesnt make it right or excusable.

secondly he may have severe food allergies which can alter mind and mood and bring about agressive or very moody behavoir, as can a lack of omega 3’s etc –
just a couple of points to think about [;)]