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im a 17 year old girl with aspergers syndrome there is hope out there i was only diagnosed when i was 14 years old which was of course a big shock and caused me to suffer with bouts of deep depression,anxiety,agorphobia and self-harm but in time i think you do get over things i still have my days when i a bit ‘wobbly’ but i hope someday i’ll come to terms with myself and the thing inside of me which i hate being there it makes us soooooooooooooo frustrated it is unbearable to think about at times my family have had it rough with me but they undestand as much as they can and expect its part of me who i am my identity they love me for who i am and what i am and whatever i do they come running back to me with lots of love cuddles and wipe away the tears and help me start all over again with me still feeling guilty but feeling better than before you have to try to understand the confusing world we see it as it not our world as such it’s the normal peoples and doesn’t want or belong to us and we have to willing accept that as part of ourself when we look in the mirror and what stares back at us no-one actually likes not even the normal people lol!but there it is