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I have a son with AS diagnosed at 7, and my husband has also been diagnosed as well. I have been told that this is one of the types that can be genetic, I have also a daughter younger and is fine, a pain in the bum but fine. My husband thought everybody thought the same as him, he soaks information like a sponge and retains it for ever, and bore you with facts, instead of telling you part of a film or programme you may not have seen, he will tell you the whole thing, even if you are not liserning. He struggled through school, and was diagnosed Dyslexia at school too. He has a high IQ, mad about cars, scaletrix (main obession), music. He is very matter of fact, hates lying doesnt understand why people lie, everything black and white, .

I would say eccentric is the perfect word to at times explain AS, they go to their own drum beat, and that what makes me love my husband.