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Hi John, my very strong advice is not to wait for the professionals. I waited a year for a diagnosis and when it came they essentially just said – “he is autistic, take him home and try to come to terms with it”. The fish oils are a really good idea as they are especially good for speech delay. Spend as much time as you can researching the various treatments and therapies that are out there and try to be assertive with those operating the systems of support as they are all so over stretched that sadly only those shouting loudest get help. I have used biomedical for me son and that has helped him but other choose different approaches like ABA and son-rise and others. Have a look at http://www.generationrescue re biomedical and do a google search for others ( gfcf diet, ABA, Son-rise, apraxia, TEECH). Your son may just need to catch up with his peers, may have a slight developmental delay or it could of course be autism. It is very very hard to recover from the shock that a diagnosis of autism brings but please believe me that your son remains your son and your love will remain untainted by whatever news you ultimately receive. I treat my son because it helps him to progress and mix with us more and he is 100% happier than he was before i started. But i am helping him not trying to change him. He s a beautiful boy and he is a bery happy loving presence in our lives. So I guess i am saying research and research and choose a path for your son to follow, mainstream school and NHS treatment or choose the alternative approaches that many parents are following, but try and reach a place where you continue to see him as your boy and not ( as I did for a while) a bundle of symptoms and behaviours. Good luck , and please mailme if you need anything ( MONXYMOO@aol.com) – I hope you and your family have a peaceful christmas Regards Deborah