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I’ve just read both of your posts and to be honest am in tears… I have a similar problem and to read that others are going through the same is strangely comforting..
My beautiful 10yr old son doesn’t have behavourial problems but does display many traits of mild autism but because he sits quietly in class and doesn’t cause any disruptions, I feel he is being pushed to the back of the “queue”. We had an assessment this time last year and I was told by his Dr that he had ASD, unfortunately before he wrote up his official report, he left!! It took another 8 months to get a replacement for him and another 3 for us to get an appt!! at which point the replacement Dr has said that my son “just” has learning difficulties!! I am lost!! I’m now looking into a private assessment because I feel so let down.. I have his IEP at school this afternoon and am trying to contain my emotions so as not to break down in there!!! Why is it so difficult to get help for our “special” children??? thanks for reading x