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Gosh, I don’t know. I wonder if your friends decided that they actually had enough friends and that you were making them uncomfortable, how would you like them to tell you ? What do you think is the gentlest way to hear that you were not someone that they had any interest in being polite to. The hand holding etc is easy. You simply tell her that you do not feel comforatble when she touches you and if she does it again you will not spend time with her – abstract concepts like “girl friend” are possibly muddling to her and you would do better to be very specific about which behaviour is unacceptable. The rest of this is up to you. If you and your group are so fragile that you cannot be around anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable then you need to find the words to explain that to her. I am, like many here , the mother of an autistic boy and I’m afraid that asking me to give you an easy, concience salving method by which you can be mean is not something I particularly want to do. Thank god my son is severe and will always be with me or his peers – those poor kids that have to mingle with the ‘normal’population. No wonder the highest cause of death amongst aspergers is suicide. Just how unforgiving have we become that anyone a bit different should just go away and that their feelings are not even part of the process. How sorry I feel for that poor girls mum who is probably so proud that her girl is coping so well in mainstream…………. How totally depressing.