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      Autism Independent UK are currently working on an Autism awareness documentary featuring Dr Gary Mesibov Ph.D. Our target audience is primarily for carers and parents who have recently entered the realm of autism, but it will also cater for those who already have an insight on how difficult and rewarding an autistic member can be.During our planning we contact parent social groups local to the Northamptonshire area to find out what questions are most commonly asked, and what questions have not yet been answered. After sitting in at a few support groups we found the raw questions and the natural support given by other experienced parents was an ideal approach to take when creating an awareness DVD that is targeted FOR parents.The main section of the documentary will now be set up as a structured social support group, where parents can tell us a brief description of their situations and how they have coped, and what methods they have used. That way we can select a wider variety of different people’s stories, and new people can share their input/similar adaptations. Others can relay their support and advice, and the questions asked and unanswered will be asked in separate interviews to Dr Gary Mesibov and possibly Dr Steve Kroupa. They will have separate interviews in which we will be asking them questions commonly and uncommonly asked by other people/surveys ect. We are looking for any parents willing to give their story on camera and perhaps even let us spend a day in their life to capture some of the struggles and triumphs that may occur with every day events. This will raise awareness to the viewing parents of autistic children, so they can learn new possible techniques. It will also help raise awareness for people in general, increasing an understanding on why some children over or under react at inconvenient times.Please Let us know IF:• You feel you would be interested in taking part in the filmed Social Group to share your knowledge as a parent.• Have a child you think has an insightful diagnosis that you feel could be beneficial to make the public more aware or their particular behaviours.• Or would like to give any ideas, help, opinions or advice Leave your comments here, or contact Aaron on 01536 523274

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