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myself and colleagues have worked with a number of teenagers with ASD or Aspergers Syndrome who experience the same thing – voices in their head.

As non-autistic people we all think things in our head which we know is just us offloading about a bad day or someone who’s really annoyed us and what we’d like to do with them etc. Although we hear the ‘voice’ in our head we know it’s just us.

As people with ASD process verbal information etc in a different way and often struggle to understand their own bodies they may sometimes hear this voice in their head as another person.

Some people with ASD will use ‘violent’ or aggressive language to show when they are very distressed or anxious and maybe aren’t able to find the right words to verbalise this.

They may too speak this way if it is a topic of intense interest to them. In one case I young man I know used to talk about blood a lot and the different ways he could make it come out of a body. But this was only because he was really fascinated by the way it flowed after seeing his mum have a nose bleed and he enjoyed talking about it.

That is not to say that there are never any other concerns. Of course there are people with ASD who also suffer from mental health issues etc. So obviously if you are concerned then you should speak to the relevant professionals.

Don’t know if that’s helped at all.