About Napayshni

Hello there, my name is Alan. I am 30 years old and been diagnosed with Autism since I was a young child. Most of the common Autistic traits or symptoms I have is struggling to understand what people are saying or struggling to make new friends. I also don't like loud noises such as fog horns, whistles blown, fireworks, ambulance and police sirens. I like repeating the same routine, I also keep my belongings in a certain order and get easily distressed whenever people move or touch anything I own inside my home. Sometimes I feel like people are talking over me and I feel intimidated. Whenever I have a bad day or if I feel like no-one is listening to me and don't understand me, I get frustrated and often lose my temper or get easily upset and begin self-harming because I feel like I've done something wrong when I feel like I'm correct. Not only do I have Autism, I also have numeracy dyslexia meaning my dyslexia is affected by numbers and not letters but I do sometimes write letters back to front and require a pink or yellow sheet to use in order to read words correctly and understand them better. I have mobility problems - I was born with one leg longer than the other and was run over by a car at 3 years old and I broke my right ankle when I was 26 so I suffer from a lot of pain in my joints and require walking aids and physiotherapy. I have depression, anxiety, PTSD and OCD too. I was born Aimee but I now go by the name Alan as I have Gender Dysphoria and want to become a man. I haven't had gender eassignment surgery yet but I take monthly injections to slow down my estrogen (female hormone). In my free time I enjoy playing on my PlayStation, browsing the internet, reading comics and collecting oriental ornaments or decorations. I love all things Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc and love asian culture, asian food and martial arts. My goal in life is to become the first transgender/disabled heavyweight MMA champion and bodybuilder in the UK - It may take time but I will not give up. I gain joy and happiness from petting cute animals, talking to elderly people and helping out charities.
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